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Carefree into the summer with these practical tips!

The local Koksijde administration is ready for the summer season. The local government has decided not to introduce a reservation system for Koksijde beach this summer. Here everyone can enjoy sand, sun and sea, shopping, food and drink as in the other years.

We are counting on your common sense
Social Distancing (keeping one and a half meters distance) is the focus this summer.
Short and sweet:

From Monday 27 July 2020 at 08.00, everyone will wear a mouth mask in all places open to the public. So from now on you will also wear a mask on your bike on the Zeedijk and in the shopping streets. The police services will supervise this and act strictly.

When is the mask not mandatory?

  • When travelling by car, motorised vehicles;
  • while cycling (except on the Zeedijk and in the shopping streets);
  • on the beach (but in the catering establishments);
  • in the nature reserves
  • during intensive sports activity, except on the Zeedijk (sports activity is not the same as walking);
  • during activities requiring heavy physical exertion;
  • during eating and drinking;
  • who has a medical certificate stating that it is not possible to wear a mouth mask;

Children under 12 years of age should not wear a mouth mask. 

  • Follow the recommendations of shopkeepers and restaurateurs
  • Show solidarity and respect
  • Please note the maximum number of persons or group formation
  • Go right
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Stay home when you are sick