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Carefree enjoyment with these practical tips!

We are counting on your common sense

From Tuesday 1 September at 8 am, wearing a mouth mask will no longer be compulsory on the entire territory, but only in busy places. This, of course, under the condition that the figures on the West Coast remain good.

In which streets will a mouth mask remain compulsory for pedestrians (8 a.m. - 7 p.m.)?

  • Koksijde-Bad: Zeelaan, from the roundabout Lejeunelaan/Van Buggenhoutlaan/Bliecklaan to the Koninklijke Baan.
  • Koksijde-Bad: E. Terlinckplein
  • Oostduinkerke-Bad: Leopold II-laan, from the intersection Egelantierlaan to Albert I-laan
  • Oostduinkerke-Bad: Astridplein
  • Sint-Idesbald: Strandlaan, from junction J. Pootlaan/Smeyerslaan to the Zeedijk.

And where is a mouth mask always compulsory for pedestrians?

  • If you take your child to school or pick him up, the same for (extracurricular) baby and child care.
  • In accordance with the federal protocols in force on public markets and queues at shops in other areas, in school buildings for third parties/visitors and in all municipal public buildings in places open to the public.
  • In restaurants (until you sit down), shops and on public transport, a mouth mask remains compulsory. This is subject to the regulations of the federal government.

Cyclists are no longer obliged to wear a mouth mask and a mouth mask is no longer required on the sea dike. Make sure that you always carry a mouth mask with you.

The maxim remains: always wear a mouth mask in places where you cannot guarantee a distance of 1.5 metres.