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Zuid-Abdijmolen in Koksijde met molenaar Patrick Geryl

Historisch gebouw

The Pieter Pourbus' painting clearly shows that the Abbey of the Dunes owned two windmills in the middle of the 16th century. These post mills with two floors catered for the milling needs of the abbey community and their guesthouse.

In 1951 the municipality of Koksijde purchased the Lootvoet Mill in Houtem (dated 1773) to enhance the domain of the archaeological site of Ten Duinen. This open post corn mill, with three floors (stone floor, meal floor and storage floor), was opened to the public on 19 April 1954. Since 1989 town miller Patrick Geryl has been working at the mill every day, producing an annual average of 180,000 axle revolutions.

About 150 kilograms of grain can be processed hourly. To be able to mill flour the wind needs to be blowing with 4 Beaufort windforce at least. The South Abbey Mill is one of only eight mills of this type still in existence in the world.

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