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When to wear a mask.

Mouth mask obligation remains in force in the shopping streets:

From 19 April it is only compulsory to wear a mouth mask in the shopping streets (Zeelaan, Strandlaan and Leopold II-laan, the construction zone on the Albert I laan) from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

This rule applies to all journeys on foot, by bicycle and scooter and to all persons aged 13 and over.

Shopping streets:

  • the Strandlaan from the intersection with the Jan Pootlaan/Smeyerslaan to the Zeedijk
  • the Zeelaan from the roundabout with the Lejeunelaan/Van Buggenhoutlaan/Bliecklaan to the Koninklijke Baan
  • Eugenie Terlinckplein
  • Leopold II-laan from the crossroads with Egelantierlaan to Albert I-laan
  • Astridplein
  • the construction zone on the Albert I laan (tram stop): the passage for pedestrians is very narrow because of the works

Excluded for:

  • journeys by bicycle, car or motorised vehicle
  • while practising an intensive sport activity
  • during physically demanding work


The mouth mask obligation remains

  • in all places where the distance of 1.5 metres between them is not possible
  • bringing/picking up children to schools, (extracurricular) baby care and child care
  • according to the applicable federal and provincial protocols 






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