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The Spelleplekke which lies in a subsidence between the Plaatsduinen and the quarter Duinpark was developed around 1930. The nature reserve Ter Yde is located at the eastern edge of the Spelleplekke. The term Yde was used in earlier days to indicate a hidden port. A similar port, Nieuwe Yde, was located at the same spot that is now called Spelleplekke, at the edge of a broad bay called the Vloedgat. The village that was first mentioned in 1277 flourished at the beginneing of the fourteenth century. Then the Vloedgat began to slit up. The building of the Groenendijk sped up this process and sealed the fate of the village. The last remains were buried by the advancing dunes in the sixteenth century. Archaelogical discoveries at the beginning of the last century revealed mass pins and gave the town its name Spelleplekke.

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