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Restaurants in Koksijde have been distinguished by Gault Millau

The many celebrated restaurants are proof that you can enjoy good food here. There are no less than 12 restaurateurs listed in the Gault & Millau guide.


Mondieu - 14,5/20

Ten Bogaerdelaan 10 - 8670 Koksijde

Iain Wittevrongel is an inspired chef and, together with his wife An Taillieu, successfully transformed his gastronomic restaurant into a high-quality brasserie a few years ago. He is inspired by produce from his own vegetable garden. With crispy veal head, a delicate herb salad, tomato and gherkin provide an equally refined and fresh framework. Juicy fried monkfish is given a rustic 'terre & mer' character by garnishing with Paimpol beans and chorizo. He serves Pavlova with sorbet of exotic fruits as an homage to an iconic dessert from Down Under.


Carcasse - 13,5/20

H. Christiaenlaan 5 - 8670 Sint-Idesbald

Top butcher Dierendonck created a cosy, contemporary meat bistro, completely in line with the ideas of the short chain principle and the respectful and traditional processing of everything that is tasty and edible. He generously serves up a portion of conviviality as a refined sauce. Starter is "oedslach" coppa with smoked mayonnaise and mustard herb. Marrowbone peppered with gremolata is an equally tasty starter. In addition to the daily changing selection of côte à l'os of various breeds, the chef serves filet pur of Simmental, piebald chicken and cutlet ("tomaporc") of Menapische pig.


Julia - 13,5/20

A. Vanhouttelaan 2 - 8670 Sint-Idesbald

A fish bistro with a rich selection of oysters or is it rather an oyster bar with a range of North Sea fish? Julia spoils lovers of marine delicacies in various ways. The driving force behind the event is the notorious fishmonger Mare Nostrum, which explains the high quality of the diverse and large selection. As an opener, a plate with delicacies such as Newport shrimps, whelks, wrinkles, knives, langoustine tails and king prawns is a delicious treat. From the oyster menu, one can choose from Ostend flat, Gillardeau or Irish Tia Maraa oysters. A rich selection of champagnes provides a festive setting.


Nils - 13,5/20

Koninklijke Baan 62 - 8670 Koksijde

In his small restaurant on the ground floor of a boutique hotel, Nils Van Dievoet, expertly assisted by partner Sofie Demuynck, serves very refined, personalised dishes. Our tasting menu got off to a strong start with veal pastrami, lotus root with artichoke and foie gras with citrus. A great plate of pollock and fennel completely convinced us of the talent in the kitchen here. The sauce based on lacto-fermented fennel was particularly impressive. Cod with a fine white butter sauce and duck with an equally fine gravy brought even more dining pleasure. This is a chef that we will follow with extra attention. We are already raising the score with conviction.


Oh-restaurant - 13,5/20

Koninklijke Baan 289 - 8670 Sint-Idesbald

Behind Oh-restaurant, there is more than just a classic restaurant. Chef Ivan Puystiens and wife-guestess Joelle Raes receive their guests in the friendly atmosphere of a contemporary wine & gastrobar. Products from the North Sea and polder determine the character of the menu. The chef gives crispy fried ray a contemporary swing with a garnish of cauliflower, oyster and dashi. With koji-matured 'Oedslach' beef that is expertly grilled on the shichirin, the chef provides a full-flavoured piece of meat in which duxelles of chanterelles, aubergine, pumpkin and meat gravy provide a rich framework.

Sea Horse - 13/20

Zeelaan 254 - 8670 Koksijde

For more than thirty years, the Sea Horse hotel has been a well-known place to stay in the heart of Koksijde, of which this recently renovated fish restaurant is a fine part. Chef Eddy Van Loven is classically trained, technically highly skilled and, in terms of flavour combinations, completely in tune with the spirit of the times. Langoustines are prepared with precision on the teppanyaki and appear on the plate with a garnish of fennel and spinach alongside kohlrabi, nori and dashi full of richly varied notes. He brings sunfish correctly cooked with basil pesto, dried tomato, green asparagus and red pepper as a homogeneous Mediterranean inspired whole.


De Huifkar - 12/20

Koninklijke Baan 142 - 8670 Koksijde

This family restaurant in the heart of Koksijde has existed for almost 40 years. With the sea around the corner, it is obvious that the chef prefers marine products. Rich seafood dishes, tasty bouillabaisse, fine poached cod with al dente leeks and further fine pavlova with red fruits to end in beauty.


Keukenhof - 12/20

Koksijdesteenweg 72 - 8670 Koksijde

Stylishly restored farmhouse transformed into a contemporary brasserie. The warm, cosy and luxurious interior invites you to enjoy the wide range of fish and meat dishes. Matured meat from top butcher Luc De Laet for the carnivores or Oostduinkerkse potato with grey shrimps, foam of the heads and poached egg.


Eglantier - 12/20

Albert I laan 141 - 8670 Oostduinkerke

Charming bistro that is part of a hotel located a few hundred metres from the wide beach. Local products are neatly presented, such as grey shrimps served in croquettes, as bisque and with tomato. Excellent North Sea turbot with bearnaise and new potatoes.

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