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Must-sees in Koksijde!

Shrimpfishermen on horseback

Who doesnt' know the charming shrimpfisherman, as he is depicted many times by painters, sculptors, photographers and film makers?

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The National Fisheries Museum

In the National Fisheries Museum you stroll through the history of the Flemish sea and coastal fishing industry.

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The Abbey Museum Ten Duinen

A refreshing dip into the Middle Ages.
Discover the role played by the Cistercian Monks of the Dunes Abbey in Koksijde, a European avant-la-lettre project.

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The Museum Paul Delvaux

The Paul Delvaux Museum can be found in the idyllic settings of "Het Vlierhof" and was named after the world famous painter Paul Delvaux (1897-1994). The museum opened in 1982 and offers a brief survey of the collection of the Paul Delvaux foundation.

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