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General rule for waste – tourists

Leave your waste in the dustbin area of the rented property. Contact the landlord or letting agency for specific arrangements.

Household waste – tourist

Would you prefer to take your household waste to a public collection point? You can put it in the semi-underground containers (Molok).

  • exclusively for household waste
  • use official municipal rubbish sacks Small and large sacks can be purchased individually in tourist offices. You can buy a roll of large sacks in local shops.
  • you may incur a general administrative sanction (GAS) fine of up to 250 euros if you do not use standard sacks and place selected grades of waste, oversized flammable materials and business waste in the Molok.
  • location
    • Koksijde: G. Lejeunelaan, D. Tenierslaan/Koninginnelaan, Elisabethplein, Steekspelstraat/Viooltjesperk, Vredestraat/Rousseaulaan.
    • St.-Idesbald: Lucionplein, Sloepenlaan/Oostendelaan.
    • Oostduinkerke: Europaplein, Zonneplein, G. Scottlaan, Duinparklaan, Zandzeggelaan.
    • Groendijk: Dewittelaan/Noordwindhelling, Zuidwindhelling.

Do you place yourself your household waste outside (see waste calendar )?

  • only on collection days
  • place it outside between 6 am and 8 am
  • use official municipal rubbish sacks (can be purchased from local shops and tourist offices)
  • leave it on the kerb in front of your property

PMD (Plastic bottles and flasks, Metal packaging and Drinks cartons) and Paper/cardboard (P&C) – tourist

Does the PMD and P&C collector go past your accommodation (see waste calendar )?

  • keep to the collection dates
  • leave it outside
    - from 9 pm on the night before the collection day
    - on the kerb in front of your property

Paper and cardboard

  • max. 1 m³
  • put paper inside cardboard or tie it up using natural fibre rope
  • fold cardboard boxes flat


  • use official municipal PMD sacks (can be purchased from local shops and tourist offices)
  • tied up, but do not tie anything to the outside.

Glass – tourist

If you remove glass, then you should deposit this in the bottle bank.

More info:

Environment and Sustainable Development
+32 (0) 58 53 34 39

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