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Fun on the water with the 5 electric boats!

Rent an electric boat for a fascinating pleasure cruise on the canal Nieuwpoort-Dunkirk! The electric boat is comfortable, safe and silent and you don't need a license. You control the boat yourself, the operation is simple and you do not need any specific knowledge for sailing. The boats can sail a total of 20 hours at 5 km per hour. If you want to sail the tour of the Yser then calculate 12 hours for this trip along Nieuwpoort, Diksmuide and Fintele.

Rental conditions:

  • lifejackets mandatory for everyone
  • up to 7 persons on board
  • minimum age of driver: 16 years
  • always give priority to sailing and commercial shipping
  • right-hand navigation
  • handlebar
  • do not throw waste into the water
  • this activity is difficult for persons with reduced mobility to access

Price per boat:

  • 1 hour: €55
  • 2 hours: €95
  • 4 hours: €180
  • 1 day: €290
  • Deposit: €100

Dijk 33, Florizoonebrug
8670 Koksijde (Wulpen)
+32 (0)474 409 969

Opening hours:
From 1 March until the end of autumn holidays, depending on weather conditions

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